1. B

    Which course is more likely to be accepted as BCPM?

    Hey everyone, I saw people managed to get Psychology courses counted in their BCPM gpa. How I understand it is that an automatic system goes through the course's description to determine if it counts or not. Here are the descriptions of the two courses that I'm deciding between. Abnormal Psych...
  2. N

    Sociology vs anthropology

    I have room for one elective in my schedule. I'm debating between taking a sociology class to help with the MCAT or an anthropology class that counts towards my distribution requirements. Is anthropology close enough to sociology for the MCAT? Which would you recommend?
  3. TaintedCactus

    My University isn't letting me advance in math or science

    My college, University of California, Riverside, won't let me advance in math courses because I'm an Anthropology Major and it's not required. I can't because of this even advance into science courses (bio, chem, ochem, physics, etc.) and this really messes up my dreams of attending medical...
  4. A

    PhD in biological anthropology before going to Med School- advice

    I am currently a Masters student in biological anthropology at the University of Cambridge and am considering applying for the PhD program in the same field for next year. It would be a 3-year program and am wondering how it would be viewed along with my past experiences for when i reapply for a...
  5. V

    Anthro and Theatre undergrad considering med school

    I have had an undergrad career rife with uncertainty but as I near graduation this Spring some options about my future have shown themselves with a little more clarity. Some background: I am a double-major getting a degree in Anthropology and Theatre and have a limited amount of hard science...
  6. kalaylay

    What are my chances? - MPH, Global Health, Anthropology

    Hey everyone! Thanks for reading this thread...I'll list my info followed by my schools of interest! Info: (large US public university) Anthropology Major Psychology Minor Highly Selective Research Program Minor Major GPA: 4.2 Overall GPA: 3.7 (one bad grade first year, all A's since!) 3...
  7. N

    MPH Does majoring in Psychology pigeon-hole me into Social and Behavioral Sciences?

    I'm a Psychology major, but I really want to pursue Global Health and Epidemiology w/ a strong quantitative bend in grad school, possibly even go into Infectious Diseases. I have zero interest in concentrating in Social and Behavioral Sciences for my MPH (not that I don't find it interesting...
  8. N

    Major Advice -- cGPA and sGPA

    So I'm just looking for some input from people who know more about this process than I do. I went into college originally thinking I wanted to major in math and then go into biostatistics, but I realized after a B- that math really isn't my thing and that I really like Biology and really enjoy...
  9. N

    Social science student interested in Epi -- how many science classes?

    I'm an Anthropology major with a public health minor. In my major, I have focused mainly on biological anthropology, so I have taken two stats classes, physical and medical anthropology, and a global health and social epidemiology class. However, I have not taken any science-based chemistry or...