1. Sortie

    Human A&P vs. Regular A&P

    Many dental schools recommend taking A&P, so I decided to register for "Human A&P". My college also offers Physiology by itself (not Anatomy however) but its an upper level biology course so I thought that Human A&P would suffice for dental schools. I still have time to take it off my schedule...
  2. Keanut125

    Anatomy and physiology 1/2 vs bio 2

    I have seen many posts about people asking if they can take anatomy and Phys 1/2 to satisfy bio 2, but does anyone have first hand experience where they were accepted without taking biology 2. I'm a sport and exercise science major going into my my last semester of my senior year and biology 2...
  3. S

    Is my schedule realistic? Opinions on male cna for med school.

    Hello SDN members, It's my first time posting in the student doctor network board. I just graduated high school in June of this year, but I took some college classes and entered college in August with 64 credit hours so I am technically a junior. I go to UNC-Wilmington and my original plan was...
  4. itsJazz

    Human vs Animal vs Comparative A&P

    I was planning to take human A&P before taking the DAT (next cycle), but all my pre-dental peers talk about taking comparative versus regular animal physiology/vertebrate anatomy, so I can't really get much of a comparison among the three. Granted, since I'm not a biology major, human A&P is...