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Mar 16, 2017
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I have seen many posts about people asking if they can take anatomy and Phys 1/2 to satisfy bio 2, but does anyone have first hand experience where they were accepted without taking biology 2.

I'm a sport and exercise science major going into my my last semester of my senior year and biology 2 wasn't a requirement for my major so I never took it. I was told by my pre health advising office that taking A&P 1/2 with lab will satisfy my biology 2 credit, my A&P courses did have prefix (BSC). I scored high markings in all of my science courses and have taken medical biochem (4 credits). I plan to also take an MCAT prep course to achieve high markings (515 or above) on that as well.

Can anyone shed some light and hopefully bring me relief, I would hate to end my senior year taking bio 2.

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