1. dentaldawg123

    New laptop for dental school

    Anyone know if the new M1 processors for the macbooks will work with Examplify??
  2. saltshaker007

    New Computer for Vet School?

    Hey guys, I will be attending vet school in the fall, and I was wondering if anyone had any input or suggestions on types of computers to buy? During the information session at the University of Illinois, the tech guy said we should DEFINITELY buy a brand new computer for vet school (so it...
  3. Jgar96

    Preferred Timing Device for HR

    Hey guys, I'm starting vet school this fall and I'm looking into buying an Apple Watch to use mainly as a timing device while monitoring HR (and will probably be able to replace my phone during clinicals from what I understand). I've noticed a few vets and techs using them throughout my pre-vet...
  4. agzs2015

    All about iPads

    Hey everyone! I will be attending Ohio State CVM in the fall and we are required to purchase an iPad Pro. I have decided that I will be purchasing the larger model (12.9"). Now I'm stumped on the accessories!!! I'm definitely purchasing the apple pencil (and Notability app). I am required to...
  5. M

    Laptop/tablet/tech for pre-med/med school

    I am an incoming third year pre-med student. I have gotten by on an HP laptop for the past few years but am looking into "upgrading" my tech for more vigorous study. I currently use a samsung galaxy tab 4 10.1" for light academic use and more for personal use. Many med students seem to...
  6. ItsATrap!

    For anyone in the market for an SP4..just got one for $749

    So, I've been heavily debating between a Surface Pro 4 and a MacBook. After spending about 2 hours in Best Buy debating over the two, I settled on the SP4. Well, I went to purchase it yesterday, and the price on Friday when I had looked at them was $999. It is now $849 on bestbuy.com. Now, if...