1. Flamingo477

    Step 2 CS April-May Score release Thread 2019

    Hi Drs, I did my exam may the 3rd in Atlanta. I did plenty of mistakes that I hope would not lead me to a fail. - Did not have the time my personal notes perfectly. Many of them had only 2 DDx and some even did not have any supporting evidence. - Did not have time to add more than 3 workup...
  2. B

    2018 wait list movement

    Source: Admissions Lifecycle - Admissions - AAMC Wait list movement March 15 "From March 16 to the first day of class, notify AMCAS within 2 business days of all admissions acceptance, withdrawal, or deferral actions, either written or verbal, that have been communicated to an applicant. All...
  3. BlueBee20

    Post-MCAT Jitters

    Hi all - I took the MCAT today and had very mixed feelings throughout the day. Overall, I felt pretty okay after I was done with all of the sections. Later on, I started feeling horrible about everything - not horrible enough to void though. I'm wondering how other people felt right after taking...
  4. sullen-burger

    Withdrawing all acceptances

    I've realized that even though I've succeeded at my goal to get into med school, I don't feel any different. I walk into the grocery store and nobody stops to congratulate me, the employees don't offer me discounts, and strangers don't ask what tier school I got into. Where's the respect? The...
  5. W

    Latest to take MCAT 2016 without hurting application

    I've seen some other threads on this topic but I can't seem to figure this one out. I'm signed up for the April 23rd date, so I get my scores before applying June 1st. Though I need more time to study. If I delay a month and take it May 20th, I'll receive scores June 20th. I'd still submit my...
  6. Judson

    MCAT Study Group - Washington D.C./NOVA/MD area

    I am scheduled to take the April 1st MCAT and am looking to start a weekend MCAT Study Group. Currently, I plan to study Fridays and Saturdays from 8am-1pm. I will be studying on evenings and Sundays closer to April 1st. I live in Leesburg, VA and can host groups of up to 8 or so at my...