1. S

    DAT Breakdown (22TS/21AA/24PAT)

    Firstly, thanks to all the people on SDN that have posted DAT breakdowns... definitely helped me throughout my journey. Finished the exam on 25/05/17 but finally decided to share my DAT experience with fellow pre-dentals. Anyways, my scores: (BIO / GC / OC / PAT / RC / QR / TS / AA) ( 21 / 22 /...
  2. predent2151

    DAT Break Down

    Hey guys, my first post here, usually just sat around and read stuff while prepping for the DAT. A lot of posts made me feel confident and a lot of posts made me feel nervous so I figured I'd write my own breakdown for those taking the 2017 DAT. BIOlOGY-22- Biology was shockingly simple. When...
  3. HHR28

    DAT BREAKDOWN 08/15/16

    I wanted to post a breakdown after reading many helpful breakdowns along the way. I took the exam after my sophomore year and I'm glad I'm done! I only took Orgo 1/2, Bio1/2, GC1/2, and the labs for all. It is not necessary to finish Biochemistry, physio, etc. Before I start here are the...
  4. C


    I've read cliffs.. Things don't seem to stick in my brain.. I've made flash cards here n there but it takes 10x longer to get thru material like I spend more time writing flashcards than I do studying.. And literally EVERY term would need a flashcards idk how u guys do that.. As for the Anki...
  5. F


    Guys, I feel like I suck at bio, no matter how much I read and study either I forget or I just don't know the terms. How difficult is the DAT bio section on the real exam? Is it as specific and random, what kind of questions should I except. I've read on here that bootcamp is on par with the...