1. M

    Finance/Oil and Gas Dentist? Red Flags?

    Alright SDN I want to hear your thoughts. I am now a graduating senior at an above average state school. During my freshman year I kept getting in trouble with my school in the dorms. I was caught twice in the dorms with alcohol and received an MIP. I was also caught and arrested with a...
  2. AdenineThomasPhosphate

    Juvenile arrest (misdemeanor) with no charges.

  3. K

    Underages and Volunteering

    I am currently a undergraduate freshman. I intended to volunteer over the summer, but I fear that my chances may be limited now. I was charged with an underage alcohol charge, both municipal and disciplinary action were taken (due to the incident occurring on campus). I was placed on...
  4. S

    Class A misdemeanor for speeding

    i got a class A misdemeanor in Illinois for 150+ in a 50 on my way to school. I'm currently an undergrad and the dean of my university said he didn't care bc it wasn't violent/drug related/dishonesty. My question is will this prevent me from getting into medical school and more importantly will...
  5. leagueofDravenMD

    Allopathic Medical School (MD) Secondary Application Criminal Background Question

    Hello all, I am applying to MD schools this cycle with an arrest record, although I was never convicted I was charged for a few things. However, I had them dropped through a diversion program. I am aware that schools ask different questions regarding criminal background on their secondary...
  6. M

    Criminal Record over 10 years ago

    Student Doctor Network, I was in and out of trouble in my younger years (16-17) and was arrested multiple times and charged with a few crimes. I was young and stupid back then, I am now 32 years of age and have turned my whole life around. I went from a high school dropout (10th grade) to...