1. M

    Another AMCAS Disadvantaged Question--Present or Past?

    Hi all, I know this question has been asked in various forms but I've searched all over this site with no clear answer to my particular question: Should I claim "disadvantaged status" if I presently consider myself disadvantaged, but may not have in the past? I qualified for FAP and definitely...
  2. U

    DO My chances? 3.1 cGPA, 3.0 sGPA, 510 mcat

    I'd appreciate some comments/guidence on my current situation. I completely understand my stats, including how they would portray an applicant. Please note, I went through a family crisis that consumed every part of me during years 1-2 of undergrad. I'd be happy to share more privately. B.S. in...
  3. Adrenaline_Junkie

    Fee Assistance Program 2017 Qs

    Hello All, I entered all the info for my previous years tax returns/w2's (2015) since I didn't have access to the 2016 info, and now need to submit all the documentation to support my information. A few quick Q's: 1. The application for 2017 opened on Jan 4th, but obviously my mother and I...
  4. DentalRose

    Personal Advice Needed! (Update on my application etc.)

    Hello all! I posted maybe a year and a half ago about applying to dental school. About me: I switched from pre-dental after my first semester of college and I graduated in English with about a 2.9 undergraduate GPA. I tried my hand at a semester of law school right after. I was naive at the...
  5. K

    Some Important Modes through which Students Tackle the Exam Stress

    Exams? Full of stress or anxiety! As we are well aware of this bitter fact that most of the students compromise their social and personal activities in their exams day, which ultimately affect their health in a pessimistic manner.It is very imperative from the scholar’s prospect to consider...