1. X

    Good CV building opportunity in dental office in Washington

    We are a booming GP clinic in the seattle metropolitan area that treat all aspects of dentistry. In addition to common general dentistry procedures, we do oral surgery, implants, root canal treatments, endo surgeries and Invisalign. It’s a unique opportunity to witness the full potential of GPs...
  2. P

    dental school

  3. LlamasUnitee

    Schools with Graduate Assistantships

    Hi! I'm looking to apply for a masters in Experimental Psych to then get into a PhD program. i was wondering if you guys know any schools that are known to give graduate assistanships to masters students or a website that provides them. Thanks :)
  4. nembry

    it seems very difficult to get a summer internship as a PreMed. What do y'all do?

    Being a natural science major like most pre-meds, I've found difficulty landing a summer internship. I'm broke and back at home for the summer, and my #1 goal for these coming months is to save as much money as possible. I've had an interview as a lab technician and I didn't get the job. Got an...
  5. K

    Hello! I am looking for an assistant for the wreb exam in may at UCSF. Anyone have any suggestions?

    Hello! I am looking for an assistant for the wreb exam in may at UCSF. Anyone have any suggestions? Where can I get patients? or is anyone interested in becoming a patient? we do free Diagnostics and Xrays at our office and if qualified, we will offer free treatments or compensation. Thank you!
  6. redence

    Can a PA open their own clinic/practice?

    I'm interested in the PA profession but at the same time also interested in business, so I was wondering if a PA could open up their own practice, what about in New York? I heard that they need a MD supervising them. Who would get the money? Would the PA's have to pay the doctor(s) the most of...
  7. redence

    Is becoming a PA just as hard as becoming a doctor?

    I'm going to be a senior in high school, and I'm deciding whether or not to do pre-med or do pre-PA. I've heard both of those fields are competitive, but isn't the pre-med track more competitive, difficult and more stressful? If i were to become a doctor, I would want to be a psychiatrist. Could...
  8. Snickerdoodle1996

    Ways to get patient care hours without certificate/training?

    Hi everyone, What is the best way to get direct patient care hours without going through training and having to get a certificate? I am really short on time and dont have any patient care hours yet for PA school so I am freaking out because I recently changed my major.
  9. S

    Do undergraduate research or UTA count towards science GPA?

    I have done undergraduate research in a biology lab for course credit, and I have also been an undergraduate teaching assistant for molecular biology for course credit. I was wondering if these credits would count towards my science GPA, so I called AMCAS this morning and asked; they did not...
  10. G

    PA and exercise science

    Hi everyone. I'm an Exercise Science major set to graduate this June. I was thinking about pursuing a PA program post graduation and I'm doing everything I can to learn about the admission process and the business itself. I know they like to see (or even require) medical/clinical experience on...
  11. A

    Position Available Medical Fellow/Clinical Assistant/Observership - Detroit - PM&R/Interventional Pain

    1-year, unpaid position in Detroit suburbs. Opportunity to work directly with physician in private practice setting, however physician heavily involved in academic medicine as well. - Will have ample exposure to clinical care. Will learn about private practice business development. - Research...
  12. M

    NIH Postbac IRTA

    I just got invited for an interview at the NIH for the Postbac research program. I know this is a great opportunity and all, but I wanted to ask if anyone on this thread has been involved in it or knows someone who was - how was the social life? I'm from Bethesda originally (went to college...
  13. Jessie61195

    Anesthesiology Assistant: Opinions

    Hello everyone! This is my first post, so please be lenient on me, although I have been lurking on SDN for the past three years now. Anyway, after switching majors countless times (biotechnology, accounting, computer science, economics, etc.) and shadowing pretty much every health...
  14. R

    Other MD doing MA / Interim Match period

    I'm doing some research on behalf of my better half while on a boring night shift. She is a newly minted MD who will likely not match this year. (scores quite good and clinical exp, but few connections...) She desperately wants to do something medical until next year. Somewhat ridiculous but...