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  2. HopefulDoc91

    Decision about applying to ATSU

    I am trying to decide if I should complete the secondary for ATSU-AZ. After doing more research I don't feel I would thrive with their unique 1+3 model. I think the traditional 2+2 model would be better for me. I'm also not keen on only spending the 1st year on campus and then having no idea...
  3. L

    WesternU COMP-NW vs ATSU

    Hello! I have been fortunate enough to have been accepted to both ATSU SOMA and COMP-Northwest, both really good schools. I have seen other posts about these two schools, but some ended up getting off topic and didn't address some questions that I have. Please let me know your thoughts! I...
  4. K

    ATSU-SOMA Study Schedule

    For those familiar with the 1+3 curriculum at ATSU-SOMA, care to share your study methods? A previous student told me that for second year "All of the lectures during second year will be taught by faculty, but uploaded as videos with corresponding powerpoints online" Seems like a lot of...