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For SOMA remember you won’t be in AZ past 1 year most likely. Which CHS would you most likely end up at? I personally would go with SOMA because I simply like the west better but that’s a personal judgement call.
May 11, 2017
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Anyone have thoughts and feelings on lecom seton hill and ATSU in Phoenix Arizona.

I already have the deposit down at LECOM and was on my way back from picking out an apartment and also getting my white coat fitting but then I got a call from ATSU offering a seat.

I wanted know what I should do. Independent of money. I like the price of LECOM but I enjoyed ATSU’s overall atmosphere and location better. If price wasn’t an option then which one would be a stronger program to go through and if money was a factor, what would make ATSU worth is compared to LECOM? Thanks in advanced!

what'd you decide? and why/how?
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