1. E

    looking to create videos/audio lectures. Want topics..

    Hey guys, I am a practicing, ABEM boarded, Emergency physician. I am interested in creating audio and or video lectures on needed med school, board prep, and/or residency topics. I would like suggestions from everyone on what they feel are needed topics to cover. Also, if this is something...
  2. G

    Audio books/lectures?

    I spend a significant amount of time doing mindless things each week (e.g. walking, gym, cleaning) so I was wondering if anyone has recommendations for audio books or lectures for the basic science classes (D1). I checked the DMD/MD forums and other sites but only found some suggestions for...
  3. stevenejohnson

    BOTH Interested in starting a podcast

    Hey SDNers! I am a posting virgin here on SDN but long time generalized stalker. Right now I am prepping for Step2 + Comlex 2 in July. I have been looking for some good podcasts for Step 2 prep and had trouble finding anything recent. I love listening to podcasts in general. Goljan audio was...
  4. PTAwesome

    Podcasts and/or audio lectures to listen to during commute?

    I start PTA school in August and I have a 2hour 10 minute round trip commute (on a good day) that I will be making by driving my own car, presumably alone. Since public transportation is not an option, I cannot use this time to read texts or review notes so I'm looking for podcasts or audio...
  5. S

    Plastic Surgery Audio Books or Courses?

    Does anyone know of any plastic surgery audio courses or board review courses? I have a decently long commute to and from the hospital each day and would rather spend that time listening to a lecture/book/board review to get some study time in. If anyone knows of any resources, please let me know!