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Podcasts and/or audio lectures to listen to during commute?


Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant
2+ Year Member
Jul 25, 2015
    I start PTA school in August and I have a 2hour 10 minute round trip commute (on a good day) that I will be making by driving my own car, presumably alone. Since public transportation is not an option, I cannot use this time to read texts or review notes so I'm looking for podcasts or audio lectures that would make the drive as productive as possible.

    Please share any PT(A) related podcasts, audio lectures, etc you might recommend for such a situation. Even videos on YouTube can be converted to .mp3 files, the only catch is that if there's a strong visual component to the lecture it will obviously be lost in audio format.

    Thank you!
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    Full Member
    5+ Year Member
    Oct 24, 2013
    1. Physical Therapy Student
      -PT Inquest
      -The Gait Guys Podcast
      -Therapy Insiders

      A few good non-PT related (because hey sometimes you just need it)
      -Stuff You Should Know
      -This American Life

      All of these are tradition podcasts, also good luck with that daily drive.
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      Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant
      2+ Year Member
      Jul 25, 2015
        Thank you both for your suggestions! The only cast I'd heard of out of the ones you've presented in this thread was PT Inquest, so I very much appreciate the new-to-me suggestions and I'm sure others who stumble across this thread will also appreciate this.

        As long as we're also listing non-PT related casts (because yeah, sometimes you do just need it) I'd also like to add

        - OnPoint from NPR (I just heard a great cast from a few years ago featuring two PTs and a kinesiologist debating the pros and cons of "extreme" exercise routines)


        Full Member
        7+ Year Member
        Apr 22, 2013
        1. Physical Therapist
          Couple of my faculty rave about Freakonomics. Never personally listened to it.

          For something more PT science related, when Rebecca Craik was editor in chief of PTJ she was doing this think called the CraikCast where she basically was dicussing the various papers that had been published in that month's issue. She was recently replaced by Alan Jette as editor in chief so I don't know if something like that is still going on, but I imagine all the back issues of the podcast are available for download. Some of it could be a little meaningless as a new student, but it could also be a good way to introduce yourself to the PT literature.


          Full Member
          Mar 3, 2015
          1. Physical Therapy Student
            Not PT related, but I enjoy listening to "My First Cadaver" and "Only Human" which gives a little insight from professionals in the medical field and on patient interactions.
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