1. StudentX

    New York Phd. in Hearing Sciences Applicant

    Hello, So I'm currently an undergraduate senior at a City University of New York preparing my graduate school portfolio for some PhD. Programs both instate and out fo state: - SUNY Buffalo - CUNY Graduate Center - Syracuse University - Northwestern - Vanderbilt There are some...
  2. R

    Any institute that offers an internship in audiology in Toronto?

    Hello members, I am very glad to be a member of this wonderful forum. I am an audiology student who is currently looking for an internship opportunity in Toronto. I completed my course in audiology from Fanshawe college CA, last year. I graduated with a level 3 score and currently I am looking...
  3. S

    Questioning Audiology

    I'm not even half way through my Au.D program at this point and I have so many doubts and frustrations about this field I don't even know where to begin. I am so disheartened for my future in this profession. I don't even know if this post will do all my thoughts/feelings about audiology justice...
  4. Armyhealth

    Army Audiology

    Looked like there have not been any info posted in SDN in a long time about becoming a military audiologist. Figured I would make a thread for those interested and help answer some questions. There are three ways to come in as an audiologist in the army. Feel free to send me questions, I only...
  5. M

    Audiology Career Outlook

    Hello! I am a communication disorders student who is currently contemplating what path I should take after my undergraduate degree. I have always had a passion for medicine because I really enjoy helping people, however math and science were never my particular strong suits. While science I...