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    Are you cancelling your MCAT? Toronto test takes only!

    This is a long shot. If you are in TORONTO and you're test day is during August 27th, 2018 - Sept 18, 2018. Please let me know. I am deciding I need a bit more time and would like to reschedule! If you are deciding to CANCEL your MCAT exam please comment down below. All the spots are currently...
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    502 MCAT, 3.51 GPA, URM - share experiences

    Non-traditional, Latino applicant California resident Applied only to MD schools
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    Should I take a gap year/take and void my MCAT next week?

    Alright, so I'm kind of in a huge dilemma right now. I am scheduled to take the MCAT next Saturday (August 20th). This is already the third time that I've changed my MCAT date (from June to July to August) and I devoted pretty much the whole summer to studying. I'm kicking myself because I feel...
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    ignore this thread...accidentally posted in wrong forum, now can't delete

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    MCAT 2015: Kaplan, AAMC Official, EK, NS, + FL tests

    I am selling a few different things from multiple companies. I can bundle them or sell them individually: - Berkeley Review updated Organic Chemistry Part I and II (only first 10 pages of part I highlighted) ~$50 for both - NextStep MCAT Verbal Practice (10 of the 12 tests not taken) $15 -...
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    3.6 uGPA 3.54 sGPA 503 MCAT

    I am a rising senior with a 3.6 uGPA, 3.54 sGPA I also suffered poor grades my sophomore year first semester, but since then, it has been an upward trend. 503 MCAT: C/P 126, CARS 126, Bio 124, P/S 127 EC: vice president of health org, active member of a 5013c, president of religious group...