average salary

  1. D

    Earning money and live in USA

    Is it possible for a resident to earn 64,000$ annually and live only on wages or even save money?
  2. Z

    Being a VA physician?

    Hi everyone! I was interested in possibly working at a VA in my future after residency. This is something I have been interested in/looking into for a while and I am planning on shadowing and possibly getting involved with volunteering at a facility to further explore this option. I wanted to...
  3. Treaty of Dorsi

    Salary poll to help prospects and current pod students

    I have seen many threads about salary and the overall consensus is ask podiatrists near you or check MGMA. This forum has been great and has helped me in making my decision to pursue podiatry. However, given the pandemic, it will be difficult to 'ask a podiatrist near you' and so I figured a...
  4. 7

    PhD/PsyD I love psych, but I want money..

    Hi everyone, I'm currently a freshman psych BA major (probably going to change to BS), and I changed to psych from bio because I actually have a great interest in the field. The psych classes I've taken have been the only ones that genuinely excited me and made me want to learn more. My goal...