1. S

    Pregnancy during M3?

    Hello! I am a current 1st year medical student. Given that I am 27 and won't be done for at least another 7 years, I have been thinking about when I would like to have my first child. For 3rd and 4th year students, how doable is to be doing 3rd year rotations while pregnant? Ideally, it would be...
  2. P

    Caribbean MD --> DDS --> DO?

    Hey Y'all, I'm currently in dental school, in which I enrolled hastily after withdrawing (with a WF) from a Big 4 Caribbean med school. Do I have any chance of admission to a DO school given my dicey academic history? Thanks!
  3. MasterOfTheSelfie

    Federal AND private personal loans to support family?

    Hi everyone, I have recently been accepted to the school of my choice, but now I’m trying to figure out how to pay for my tuition and expenses. Briefly, my situation is that my wife is expecting a baby soon, and I would like to secure enough loan money to support them throughout school without...
  4. M

    MD & DO LOA between 2nd and 3rd year for family

    Hello everyone, I have seen a few forums on here somewhat with the same topic but most are 2+ years old. I am currently a second year student who is thinking about taking a year off between 2nd and 3rd year to start a family. I am interested in rural family medicine almost exclusively and would...
  5. C

    No maternity leave?

    I will be delivering next year, during my final year or residency. A lot of next year will be elective time/not rigorous rotations, so it will be easy to have maternity leave and not need to have to have my co-residents cover me, which is why we picked my last year to have our baby. However, I...
  6. J

    How to get back on the track to dental school?

    Hello ! I graduated with my BA in Biology 4 years ago, and on my way into taking my DAT's to go into dental school. However, at that moment I was a 21 year old selfish, broke, in debt, student graduate. I was not ready to give up my time, more money, relationship, and family. Most importantly...
  7. N

    Overly Informative Situation: Question about Pregnancy in Medical School and Residency

    Disclaimer: I know I'm young, but I know what I want Okay, so...this is decision day, and I'm choosing between an 8-year BS/MD program (whose undergrad is at a little-known liberal arts college), and a prestigious undergrad (which is the only way I can consider another career), and I'm having...
  8. Smurfawana

    Starting a family while in Med School

    So this may have been covered already in previous topics, but it seems to typically be a female student asking for advice, so this is a little bit different. I am currently married (we celebrated our first anniversary this past November) and am currently still finishing my degree before...
  9. CareerNumTwo

    Looking for opinions from Mom/Dad Dentists & Dental students... (timing of babies & d-school)

    Fellow Parents, I'm in need of some advice/opinions on my situation. This is a major decision for my family but, unfortunately, my current line of work leaves me with childless co-workers and I don't have any friends familiar with dentistry to figure this out with... As for me husband, he...