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    Advice for Pre-vet

    Hi, I am starting college in the summer on a pre-vet track with a Bio major. I just recently decided to go to vet school after my undergrad and i am very nervous about it. I have researched all pre reqs and requirements for vet but I feel like I am not completely aware of what i have to do. I...
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    6 Years To Get Bachelors...Chances of Dental School?

    Hello all, I am in a bit of a stressed situation and I would like everyone's opinion. I just finished my Bachelors Degree (Health Sciences with a concentration in Biology) with a 3.5 cGPA and a 3.6 sGPA. I am most worried about the fact that it took me 6 years to get my Bachelors. I'm not going...
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    FIU PT Majors + Pre-requirements

    I'm applying to FIU because it's 12 minutes away from my place. I had a stressful time looking trough the majors, and trying to find something related to PT. These are the recommended bachelors in their page: Psychology, Sport & Fitness Studies, Recreation & Sports Management, Biology. (They...
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    Australian Med Schools desire specific bachelors?

    I have a friend who also wants to apply for med school in Australia and we live in the US.. She is getting her Nursing Bachelor's and she wants to know if Australian Med Schools prefer a certain bachelor's degree or require a specific one (maybe biology or something that equals to that degree...
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    Does a PharmD Fulfill a Bachelor's Reqirement?

    Hello Everyone, It seems like every single Osteopathic school has an explicit requirement of a bachelor's degree before matriculation. This contrasts many MD schools having a requirement of 90 credit hours for matriculation. I am a PharmD student (no bachelor's) and will be applying in a...
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    Neuropsychology Questions

    I am very interested in becoming a neuropsychologist. I find it to be a very interesting field but I also want to be a child psychologist. Can someone tell me the steps in detail to become a neuropsychologist and a child psychologist? What do you have to study? How hard are the subjects? Where...