1. B

    AAMC Preliminary background check. Does this make sense to you?

    Hello all, Question for you - I recently received my first acceptance (yay!) however I have come across some seemingly conflicting information in the 2020 AMCAS guide regarding preliminary background checks. I'm wondering if you all know if the preliminary report (which I participated in this...
  2. T

    Error on Background Check

    I had to fill out a Certiphi background screening after acceptance and it came back as expected except it said I had an "alias" (it's my name but spelled incorrectly). There's no criminal history listed for it, so I'm guessing this isn't an issue, just wanted to see if anyone had experienced...
  3. AdenineThomasPhosphate

    Juvenile arrest (misdemeanor) with no charges.

  4. Captain Underplants

    Professional licensure in PASS application (for OMFS)

    Quick question, in the background info in PASS there is a section asking if I'm licensed to practice dentistry, as a student (senior graduating this year) do i still leave this as No since I obviously haven't received my license? Thanks
  5. M

    ADEA Background Check via Application Station

    Hey guys, So I was accepted to Creighton and I received an email about providing consent for a background check through the website I am currently creating an account and am attempting to plug in my AADSAS number. My number is only 10 digits, but the site is saying that...
  6. bschaefer97

    Will schools care about non-moving violations? (AZ)

    Okay, I'll save you guys some time and just break down the worst case scenario here - I just found out that 3 of my non-moving violations from Feb. 2015 are *not* misdemeanors (great news), but am worried that since they will still show up on a background check I will either need to disclose...
  7. W

    2017 Kentucky BOP Background Check/Fingerprinting

    Has anyone else gone through the initial licensure process for Kentucky this year? It took me forever to find a place to actually roll my fingerprints for their background check. Now, I've done that and mailed them in, but they told me it could take an additional 2 weeks before the state police...
  8. E

    Got accepted after listing DUI on application. Will background check ruin me?

    Hi Guys! So i was convicted of a DUI back in 2013. I listed it on my OPTOMCAS application and wrote my explanation for it. I was interviewed and got accepted! Now, that school is running a background check. Will that ruin my chances of keeping my acceptance, even though I was already forthcoming...
  9. Q

    Employment Background Check for Residency

    Hello Everyone! I was previously employed at a clinic owned by a regional medical system. My employment was terminated because a doctor tricked me into completing a CME for her (some computer based thing that looked like a lecture powerpoint). The doctor gave me a website to log into, gave me...
  10. L

    BackGround Check and VSAS?

    Hi everyone, I had a charge of petty theft misdemeanor dismissed from my record, but it still appears on my background check as dismissed. Will this affect my Vsas applications? The charge appears on some background checks (the one the school does) but does not on others. Thank you