bad freshman year

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    Bad freshman year??

    Hi guys, I'm currently in the process of applying to MD and DO schools and I have a question.
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    Bad Freshman Year----Do I still have a chance?

    Here it goes, so I am a college freshman now and I am not doing so well, as the title suggests. I have tried absolutely every study method (probably not, but I still have been trying different ways of studying all the time). But so basically, the problem is that I really, truly do understand the...
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    Did horrible in my pre-calc class?

    So, being stupid and a freshman in college with a weak math background I decided to take pre-calc in the summer as a 6 week course and ended up getting a D- in the class. I am obviously going to retake it, and my school has a policy on replacing your grade with whatever new grade you receive...
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    Bad freshman year?

    I have always heard that getting into schools such as Columbia/Cornell/NYU/UCLA is hard obviously but I was wondering what they think of re invention? I did absolutely horrible my first year and decided that college wasn't for me and transferred to a different college. I have had nearly or...