bad semester

  1. F

    Really Messed Up and Need Some Advice!!

    Hi, I know there's probably tons of these stories out-there but it would be helpful if I got some advice. So long story short, when I was inn High School I wanted to be an anesthesiologist, that was my goal. However, I really got into app development and programming so when it came time to pick...
  2. growingconcern

    Would you throw in the towel?

    I know this post is long, feel free to skip until the end - any insight is appreciated Intro: The first two years of college have been pretty hard for me. I decided prior to this (third) semester that I wanted to go to medical school, ideally an MD program. I knew I would have to get my GPA up...
  3. I

    Gap year thoughts 3.6x gpa, 521mcat

    This is such a repetitive question asked here, but I'd really like more takes on it. Do you think taking a gap year is worth the 0.10 gpa increase (3.7x range) and the improvement in grade trend? Right now, I'm thinking of applying to medical school. I've taken the mcat and I'm happy with my...
  4. T

    Pre-med nightmare

    So I'm currently in my Junior year second semester, and it feels like all my dreams are coming crashing down regarding med school. Here's a brief summary of my situation -entered local state college and did great, was honors student, all As and A+'s as a human biology major -Sophomore year...
  5. J

    Rough Semester

    So this semester I took a heavier load than I had in my first 2 semesters. My classes include Evolutionary Biology, Cell and Molecular Biology, Organic Chem, and Zoology. My cGPA currently sits at a 3.4, but this semester isn't looking pretty. As of right now I have an B+ in Evolution, a C in...
  6. B

    Need some much needed advice

    I am a Junior in chemical engineering. Coming into this semester I had everything going well with a 3.83 GPA and a 3.88 sGPA; however, I did not do so hot this semester. I got a D in one of my chemical engineering classes and this will put me back a year, but I found that if i switch to...
  7. G

    One Terrible Semester + Regarding ECS

    Terrible Semester So after hs, I attended a community college and registered for 4 classes my first semester of college. To keep it short, I failed 3 and earned a B in one class. Why? Well I wasn't motivated because my intentions never were to attend a community college and I wasn't exactly sure...
  8. I

    Post-Acceptance Grades

  9. N

    Help! Bad semester undergrad previous program

    Hello, I am currently preparing to apply to PT programs, but I am a little afraid of a bad undergrad semester. In undergrad, I was in nursing school for a semester, but had to withdraw due to grades. I experienced a lot of outside problems that semester, that reflected in my academics. So...