1. libertyyne

    Is this unusual?

    Found this on yelp, not sure if marketing this was was expected or just something unusual. Was the Aston Martin necessary ?
  2. libertyyne

    Subform School Choice

    The individual school subform does not work for this function as people go there for specific schools rather than talk about decisions regarding multiple schools. Can we get a subform for this purpose or be allowed to debate the merits in the main pre-allo form?
  3. flapjack3d

    Are there major differences between schools' "cultures"?

    Trying to get a rough list of med schools I might be interested in applying to. I'm wondering if there's major differences in schools' cultures. By this I mean "collaborative-ness" (?) / gunner-ism, especially, but also minor things like being outdoorsy, partying a lot, formality, or being very...