1. J

    Canadian Student Going to the US - Scholarships and Loans

    Hello everyone, I will be a Canadian student entering a DO program in the US starting in August. I was trying to find the best loan opportunities out there as well as scholarship opportunities. Which bank would you guys recommend? I had TD and CIBC in mind, but I guess it is up to whoever...
  2. T


    Hi Everyone! I will be filing my own taxes this year as a medical student and need some input on what you guys would do. I have a joint account as a primary account holder with my partner (not married). I do receive financial aid as well. Would you guys use a tax accountant or TurboTax as I get...
  3. physiogirl2019

    AAMC Section Bank B/B Q16

    The right answer was C, which I understand after the explanation. But, I chose A because of ryanodine receptors in the SR, and calcium-mediated calcium release. Was anyone else confused about this? And does anyone have any explanation why A is 100% wrong? Thanks!
  4. F

    multiple government loans options?

    Hi, I'm a Canadian planning on applying to US DO schools this year. But I am really worried due to the tuition costs!! I know people get provincial loans (osap) + bank loans + family contributions but is it possible to get multiple government loans like osap + federal loan + bank loan...
  5. O

    P/S Section Bank Questions

    Hello, As you may know, the explanations in the AAMC questions suck. So if people want to use this thread for answering P/S section bank related questions that would be great! I would be thankful if people can explain these questions to me: 9) Am I supposed to know that IQ tests are...