bcps exam

  1. S_mitchh

    BCPS Spring 2023 Exam Suggestions

    I’ve decided that I want to pursue becoming BCPS certified. For those that have taken it, I have a couple questions for you to decide the best way to study for it: 1) On a scale of 1-10, how hard is it? 2) What areas did you focus on the most and the least? 3) After the exam, what areas do you...
  2. NoMoneyNoHoney

    BCPS Spring 2019

    Just took the BCPS today. Honestly I don't feel like I've studied a lot, only been casually reading the ACCP prep stuffs for 3 months. Overall I thought that clinical portion was not bad; I did a PGY-1 last year, and I'm currently working at a hospital, so things kinda made sense to me. I...
  3. A

    BCPS Study Tips for Policy/Regulatory Please

    I am taking the BCPS exam in the spring and I read a lot on forums how important it is to study the policy/regulatory sections but I am so overwhelmed by the amount of information in those sections that I feel like it's taking so much of time from other sections. (I am aware biostats is just as...
  4. T

    How Many People pass Board Certification on First Attempt

    Based on published results, typically more people pass recertification exam than the initial board certification exam. This makes sense given that they have seen exam material before and presumably have more experience. Anedotally, it also seems people who sadly don't pass on their first attempt...
  5. B

    BCPS results

    hey guys, was wondering, for those who did the fall BCPS in last years- when did you recieve your results. I know BPS says couple weeks but not too accurate of when results come out. Anyone here did BCPS fall 2018.. Thank you :)
  6. I

    Questions on sitting/studying for the BCACP Exam

    Hey everyone! I have looked upon the posts on this board every since I was about to take the NAPLEX in 2016 so I appreciate all the help! This is my first time ever posting so I hope I can get some help of my own! I work in an ambulatory care pharmacy doing the pharmacy's MTM's, giving...
  7. 9

    How I Passed the BCPS Exam

    I got a lot of questions regarding how I did on the exam, request for pointers, and what material I used to review. So here is my tell all on how I passed. For reference, I did decent with a passing score in the low 600s. Material I used to study for the 2018 Spring BCPS exam: 2018 ACCP...
  8. B

    BCPS results

    Soo i was wondering any of you guys who took the spring BCPS exam.. when did you hear back? As i heard ppl saying they recieved results mid june, others said mid july.. so i wanted to know so i can mentally prepare.. espicially having a brutal exam lol.. thanks in advance
  9. D

    BCPS - FALL 2017 (Seeking 2 study partners...possibly 3)

    Hi All: I am seeking two organized and reliable study partners to study together to take the BCPS (Pharmacotherapy) exam this fall. I would like only two partners as a study group that is too big does more harm than good...but maybe I can consider 3 (4 total) My plan is as follows: - We would...
  10. merceraluminium

    Spring BCPS 2017 in 4 weeks!

    Taking the exam exactly 4 weeks from today and I'm nervous! I feel like I'm studying using the ACCP notes and lectures but not retaining much :( So at this point, I think my best bet is to do as many practice questions as possible. Is anyone willing to split cost/sell any question banks with...