1. Snickerdoodle1996

    Basic Pharmacology Course Before Medical School

    Hi everyone, My university offers a basic pharmacology course tailored to serve as a foundation for medical school. I am working on my schedule for my last semester before starting medical school in the Fall. I am wondering if it is worth taking this course or if I should just take other...
  2. G

    One month out from the MCAT- Study plan and Practice Tests?

    I am officially one month out from my MCAT and I'm feeling the normal mix of relatively ok with what I've covered but also completely nervous because...well...MCAT. I'm on week 8 of a 10-week ExamKrackers study plan that I love and am doing well following. I've taken three PR practice exams...
  3. Cashmeous

    Experience before college

    Long time lurker here.. Sorry, not trying to be a special snowflake here. And yes, I've used the search button. I haven't been able to find an answer to this particular scenario. I was wondering if something as significant as babysitting may be counted as an "experience" in the AMCAS...
  4. N

    Taking NPTE Prior to Graduation

    Hi! Okay so I am trying to get more information on taking the NPTE prior to graduation. I am finishing my second year of PT school in CA, which I know is a state that does NOT allow you to sit for the boards before graduating. However, I am planning to go into travel therapy as a new grad. I am...
  5. D

    Preparation before school

    So I understand that bringing this topic up is essentially beating a dead horse, but I would like some fresh inputs anyway. I have 9-10 months between now and medical school and, aside from working part time, I don't have much going on. Based on the previous threads I have read, I completely...