biochem 2

  1. N

    Bad idea?! Taking all these courses at the same time ?..

    So for the first semester of my sophomore year I am taking Physics 1 & lab, genetics, calc 2 and environment & society (writing and reading intensive course). Do you think it would be a bad idea to switch out the environmental class for biochemistry. is it a bad idea to take biochem at the same...
  2. M

    Online biochemistry 2 class was subpar

    I had to take second semester biochm (essentially just metabolism) over winter break online due to scheduling conflicts with my other classes and didn't have a choice if I didn't want to take summer classes. I literally did not learn anything in this class. I got an A because it was way too...
  3. babytomato

    Two semesters of biochem?

    I noticed that a lot of dental schools only require one semester of biochem. Since it's part of the dental school curriculum, would it be helpful to take biochem II?
  4. C

    Biochem Course Questions

    Hey guys I am currently a first semester junior planning on taking the MCAT at the end of this spring. I recently dropped my Biochem 1 class because I am an engineering major and was taking 17 hours and working two jobs. This threw off my course plan because I originally planned on taking...