board prep

  1. M

    Qbank-style resources request

    I'm a PGY-2 and I feel like my brain is atrophying... I don't have the attention span to come home from work and read a textbook. I'm looking for any good resources, preferably online flashcard or Qbank type, especially regarding psychopharm. Does anyone have any recommendations? I've seen...
  2. C

    General Surgery Board Review Seminar

    The American College of Osteopathic Surgeons (ACOS) will host the 2019 General Surgery In-Depth Review Seminar (IDR), April 10-13, 2019 in Des Moines, Iowa. The IDR is a general surgery board review course designed to provide the general surgeon with an in-depth review in preparation for...
  3. Redbarron21

    MedGunner Board Prep Black Friday Sale!

    MedGunner Board Prep: The Card Game is a medical based flash card game that reviews high yield board material for the USMLE Step 1 through use of mnemonics, group study, and competition. MedGunner is the perfect gift for your friend or family member in medical school, nurse practitioner school...
  4. G

    Beat the boards psychiatry

    Hello, i am looking to enroll for beat the boards for board prep but am wondering if other people are interested to be eligible for a group discount? Please let me know :)
  5. I

    Zanki Vs Brosencephalon

    After talking to a couple rising third year students, it has come to my attention there there is a new anki deck (zanki) competing with brosencephalon. Can anyone provide insight on to which is the better of these two decks? To those who have just taken boards, any thoughts/comments on what you...
  6. chompsss

    Memorang Group Discount on USMLE Step 1 Flashcards

    Hi all, For anybody interested in signing up for Memorang's USMLE Step 1 Flashcards (normally $100 for a year-long subscription), I have a 30% off code that you can use. Despite the fact that it says UCONN, you can still use it - I've verified that this is OK. The link to the flashcards are...
  7. nbp.medlaw

    ABPS Written Boards Prep - Advice?

    Written Boards for Plastic Surgery coming up for us Boards-eligible folks this October. Any study tips / resources worth investing? I have Samuel Lin's PRS Board Review 2nd ed. - I liked using the 1st ed. in studying for the in-service exam. Is it worth going through ACAPS (retired...
  8. P

    Academic writing opportunity

    I am the author of Crush Step 1, USMLE Step 2 Secrets, and several other well known medical textbooks. We are working on creating a completely free USMLE question bank and are looking for students and residents who would like to be part of this project. It's a great opportunity to build your CV...
  9. Joanne Fernandez-Lopez

    Puerto Rico Veterinary License

    Hello! I am in the process of trying to obtain a PR veterinary license. Any help with what the testing might be like, a study guide you might have available or study tips will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  10. E

    looking to create videos/audio lectures. Want topics..

    Hey guys, I am a practicing, ABEM boarded, Emergency physician. I am interested in creating audio and or video lectures on needed med school, board prep, and/or residency topics. I would like suggestions from everyone on what they feel are needed topics to cover. Also, if this is something...
  11. M

    Peds GI Boards prep

    To those who have passed Pediatric GI Board exam, What materials did you use to prepare for the exam? Is there a specific text that you used for content? The AAP has GI Prep questions now. Are there other questions you recommend? Thank you!
  12. BoardVitals

    Free USMLE/COMLEX Review Question Bank

    Enter to win a free subscription of any question bank of your choice!
  13. BoardVitals

    NAPLEX Free Question review Bank

    Are you preparing for your NAPLEX exam? Enter now to win a free question bank subscription to get you the grade you need.