boot camp

  1. ngskf1838

    DAT help

    hello everyone My DAT is in 4 days and I don’t know what to do. I spent so much time on the sciences I forgot about PAT. I’m averaging 7/15 on each section. I’ve done all of BIO destroyer and half of GC destroyer. I haven’t completed all of BC practice tests. I’m averaging so far 18 in bio 18 in...
  2. T

    DAT Bootcamp scores

    Does bootcamp give a total science score or just individual scores for practice exams?
  3. C

    Advice, help, anything!?

    Hi :) So I have about 6 weeks until my test date and this is week 2 of studying (taking advantage of winter break) I cannot prolong it any further as my winter quarter will be packed with upper div bio classes and labs. I finished Chad's G Chem and QR videos but I don't feel like anything has...
  4. T

    How I Got a 24 AA in Less Than 2 Months

  5. rxpert

    2016 CGP Bootcamps

    For a $1000 (registration ans hotel), is the two-day, CGP Boot Camp conference worth it? Alternatively, should I simply purchase and review the latest CGP material? I doubt my 2014 ACCP BCPS videos and .pdfs still apply.