1. D

    How bad is an LOA?

    Long story short, I failed a bunch of classes and I requested an LOA to repeat M1 because I know I don't have the material down. Throughout the semester I had multiple makeup exams for those classes but failed those due to limited time to study. Now they are being put over the 5 week summer...
  2. L

    HELP with rubber dam clamp problem

    Hi so today i was doing an endodontic treatment on a patient. I easily put the rubber dam on in maybe less than 5 minutes. However the tooth was a lower second premolar and the whole crown was basically a big filling as the patient had kept getting caries on each side and the caries also went...
  3. O

    MD & DO Depression/Help!

    I'm currently a 4th year medical student in Palestine, and I feel very frustrated and depressed. I'm thinking about taking a 1 year break from the University due to my depression. I feel that I lack a lot of basic knowledge and should take this year to relieve my depression and cover these...
  4. S

    Question about Timing for 2017-2018 cycle

    Hi guys! First time poster here and new to the SDN community! I have a quick question about application timing... I'm planning on submitting my primary in June, I already have LORs, personal statement, and MCAT scores ready. I'm working on my W+As section now... I'm already starting to feel the...
  5. Zorodek

    Advertisement The Universe Review, take a break, have a listen

    Hello there, Recently The Universe Review release ep.4 which is about Human Organs. i am posting here as i am not a fan of spamming forums, and truly respect the medical community, and this seemed the only appropriate thread. So, i think anybody who has any medical knowledge will find this...
  6. C

    Is taking a week off bad??

    Hi, I wanted to start studying for the DAT now, so I could take it late in March/beginning of April, BUT there's a volunteering trip I signed up for and this will occur the last week of March, and lasts that whole week. Then right after I begin school again for the spring quarter. I have no...
  7. W

    DAT calculator and break D-Day in 2 days

    Can you use the numerical keypad and functions on the keyboard. Is the break 15 or 30 minutes? I have seen both lengths.
  8. N

    Does anyone know where to find Walgreens stores by district?

    Walgreens did some re-districting during the past year. Does anyone know where I can find out which stores used to be in certain districts before things were changed. Greatly appreciated.
  9. 1

    Canadian Dental Students attending US Dental School

    US Dental Students can share their opinions too! 1) I understand that you are on a student visa, and not a work visa. Thus, you probably are not able to work during the summer months. What are some of the things that you do during your "break"? 2) How was the adjustment in terms of...