Question about Timing for 2017-2018 cycle

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Mar 20, 2017
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Hi guys! First time poster here and new to the SDN community! I have a quick question about application timing... I'm planning on submitting my primary in June, I already have LORs, personal statement, and MCAT scores ready. I'm working on my W+As section now... I'm already starting to feel the stress of this cycle and anticipating how stressed I will be for the next 12-16 months! I'm wondering, if I submit my primary in june, is there a period of time when I can expect a lull in my workload in the next year? I would love to find time to take a little trip/take a mental break from this process. Is that at all feasible? Can I plan on being done with my secondaries by the end of the summer? I get the sense that there might be a lull around september after I've submitted secondaries, before I start getting interview invitations. Does anyone have experience with taking a trip or a week or two off from the process? Would it be feasible for me to leave the country at all in the next year? I'm terrified of booking something now, and then not being able to go or missing something because the process is so relentless... (Sorry for the long post!)


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Apr 6, 2014
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Most of the time, schools will ask if there are periods when you are unavailable and/or will be able to schedule you to interview on various days over a period of a couple weeks. If you wanted to finish all secondaries by late Sept and then take a week off somewhere that is very possible.