1. M

    Anki vs Zanki vs Bros vs Flash Facts

    Hey, I have 2 more months before dedicated and was wondering which is best? Rank them and give reasons please ! (I haven't started making any Anki cards myself)
  2. S

    MD How do I set up and use anki for studying for step 1?

    Hello everyone! This is my first thread on here. I joined because of my name exactly. So basically I have seen a lot of people swear by anki(bros) and I can't seem to understand how to use the app well. Please can someone tell me all the steps to setting up the bros deck on my anki Also is...
  3. I

    Zanki Vs Brosencephalon

    After talking to a couple rising third year students, it has come to my attention there there is a new anki deck (zanki) competing with brosencephalon. Can anyone provide insight on to which is the better of these two decks? To those who have just taken boards, any thoughts/comments on what you...
  4. D

    Where can I find an updated brosencephalon anki deck?

    Just looking for this legendary anki deck that everyone uses apparently! Can't find it here. There is a 2014 version on his website but I have heard talk of updated versions. Where can I find these? Thanks all.
  5. akuko2

    Firecracker vs brosencephalon

    Hey guys, I'm coming to the last block of MS1 and have been doing well with out ever appreciably using Anki or firecracker but I want to add in something for spaced repetition so that I can make sure I retain everything over the summer and MS2. Does anyone have an opinion of whether I should...
  6. 5

    ANKI Bro's Deck Revisions/Questions Here!

    Hey everyone, If you rely on notecard's to study for Step 1, you know what a valuable asset Bros' Anki deck truly is. That being said, no one is perfect, including the legendary Bros! So, put your revisions for the deck here! Also, place questions that you may have about topics you find...
  7. A

    Anki Bros deck question

    Hey! I just downloaded the Brosencephalon deck and am trying to start in on it, but all the sub-decks are a little overwhelming. If you've used it, or similar decks (with lots of topical subdecks), how exactly did you study? I don't know if I should: 1) Just go through the entire parent deck...
  8. apr27

    BOTH brosencephalon deck. worth it?

    Has anyone used this deck for Step 1/COMLEX and did reasonably well? I'm curious about its efficacy as opposed to Rx. I understand that they are both pretty much a Q&A of First Aid? Thoughts? apr27