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Hey everyone,

If you rely on notecard's to study for Step 1, you know what a valuable asset Bros' Anki deck truly is. That being said, no one is perfect, including the legendary Bros! So, put your revisions for the deck here! Also, place questions that you may have about topics you find troubling or wording that seems convoluted here and we can try to clarify together.

Format for posting a revision:
-Copy/paste entire card into thread and place in quotes (easy to utilize Anki search function)
-Describe the issue found
-Give the proposed correction and reference used to confirm (FA/Goljian/Pathoma/Kaplan/etc...)

Also, be advised that there are known additions to the 2015 FA and those are not included in the newest addition of Bros. So, if you find vital pieces of information that you feel would be good to add to the deck, then please add!

I am working on making this deck "more perfect" if you will and will be reposting the entire deck with updated ERRATA at the end of my step study for use by future students.

Good luck! Lets kill these exams guys! :)


I'll start this thread by making a revision!

"Ewing Sarcoma is a malignant bone tumour that commonly appears in the diaphysis of long bones, pelvis, scapula and ribs."

The actual statement is correct, however, the image shown is from the older version of first aid that contains an incorrect association that a "chondrosarcoma" is present in the diaphysis. Cross-referencing this with the current version of FA, you find that they replaced "chondrosarcoma" with "osteoid osteoma (benign tumor of Ob's)." The image present in the current version of FA is helpful, so I advise looking at it on page 429 (2016 FA). Wikipedia says a chondrosarcoma is present in the metaphysis.

"Where along long bones is Chondrosarcoma located?"

Begins in metaphysis and sometimes extends into diaphysis

Note: this image is present several times in the deck so save the new image for replacing whenever you may run across it during your studies.
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