canadian student

  1. savvyleslie

    Which schools should I apply to?

    Hi everyone. I am a Canadian student who is considering moving to the US for medical school, however, I am not sure which schools I'll have a shot at. My background is: - Cumulative GPA - 3.90 - Science GPA- 3.83 - MCAT score- 515 - I have volunteered internationally in Jamaica for 3 weeks...
  2. T

    Loan for Canadian student studying pharmacy in US?

    Hello guys, I am a Canadian student and I am going to study pharmacy in the US. My plan is to study and work in the US after graduation. I have several questions regarding loans. My expenses for pharmacy school will either be: a) 55K USD (with living) * 4 years = 220,000 USD b) 75K USD (with...
  3. T

    5th Year - Re-take Courses or Take Easy A's?

    I am a Canadian student and plan to take a 5th year (switched my degree part way and now a few credits behind). I was wondering if it would be better to take a bunch of courses that I can easily get an A in or re-take courses I did not do well in in first and second year (i.e C courses)?