1. boundlesscorpuscle

    Cancelling Scheduled Interviews

    I have been extremely lucky to receive many interview invites this cycle at a lot of great schools. I had originally planned on attending any interviews I received, but I hadn't anticipated how many invites I would get and exactly how expensive travelling would be. Now that I have an acceptance...
  2. P

    HELP!!! AAMC system wont let me cancel my MCAT

    Hi All, I am trying to cancel my MCAT (life happens ya know), and everytime i attempt to cancel it, an error comes up saying my credit card is invalid, but there is no where on the page to even enter my card info. Has anyone had this problem? The deadline for me to get a refund is tomorrow at...
  3. collectedgp

    No show on exam date

  4. N

    Canceling an Interview a Couple Days Away due to Very Recent Acceptance

    Hi SDN friends, I just received an acceptance to a top choice of mine, School A, this weekend. School A is a well-known school that many people apply to. This is my second acceptance (*small happy dance*). From my understanding, School A does not provide a lot of scholarship funding, so...
  5. A

    DAT Cancellation VS No-Show

    Hi, I would like know about cancellation and no-show for DAT through Prometric. Let's say I want to cancel the DAT exam which is within 2 days. There's a $100 fee for cancelling. Would there be a fee for no-show? What would be the difference of cancelling and no-show then? Will I able to...