1. NucMedTech

    False positive lateral wall Sestamibi SPECT

    We have had a number of false positive studies in the lateral wall on our sestamibi SPECT studies. We are using a single head camera, patient supine and left arm up positioning. Floods and bars look good. Any ideas why this could be happening?
  2. X

    Position Available Cleveland Clinic Cardiac Imaging Fellowship

    Greetings For my friends in Diagnostic Radiology considering fellowships... I strongly recommend and advocate considering Cleveland Clinic (CCF) for your cardiac and thoracic imaging fellowships. OVERALL STRENGTHS: Dedicated and world renown staff to each sub-subspecialty, combining an...
  3. Junior22

    Non-ACGME Cardiac Surgery Fellowships / Superfellowships

    Outside of Congenital, Transplant / Mechanical Assist device / Heart failure, I've noticed that there are a lot of senior fellows/residents taking 6 months to a year for further super fellowship training following graduation. Was interested to see what everyone's opinions were on the different...
  4. A

    stroke volume question

    Stroke volume is the amount of blood ejected by the ventricle in one beat and is determined by ventricular preload, afterload, and contractility. How can stroke volume be decreased? a) Increase heart rate b) Increase ventricular contraction c) Decrease aortic pressure d) Decrease total...
  5. W

    Stroke Volume, MAP, and Pressure-Volume Loop

    Hi all, In a pressure-volume loop, if preload is increased stroke volume is increased, but it doesn't appear to increase systolic pressure at all. However, from the equation: MAP= SV x HR x TPR I would be inclined to think an increase in stroke volume would increase systolic volume. Where am...
  6. Deathglaveo

    Cardiology Heart Problem

    HEART PROBLEM NEED HELP Male, Age 21, 6ft and 189lbs About a year and a half ago I started having chest pains including heart burn, tightness of chest and trouble breathing. So I went into the family doctor. He thought it was from Acid Reflux so we did an endoscopy to scope my Stomach it came...
  7. M

    Cardiac Monitoring?

    Hey Guys, I am the founder of a company that is attempting to educate the general public about cardiac health and help them better understand their overall health. Wristbeat is changing how people approach their heart health by providing them with the tools and knowledge to understand and...
  8. Junior22

    Resources for Cardiothoracic in-service Exam

    Just wondering what everyone found most useful. Are the lectures that the JCTSE sets up adequate, or is it better to grab a good thoracic book (medical management of thoracic sx...) and cardiac book (no f***in idea) and just go from there. Cheers.
  9. ForHumors

    Cardiac Physio- Right atrial pressure as a proxy for EDV

    Hey guys, I have something that I can't seem to find well-explained. Venous return and cardiac output curves use right atrial pressure on the X-axis. Costanzo says that it is used as a proxy for end diastolic volume but does not explain why right atrial pressure can be used instead in this...
  10. tasar1898

    EDV in Diastolic Heart failure

    Hello everyone , i dont know if this is a stupid question but its driving me crazy!! IF LVEDV is the volume of blood contained at LV at the end of diastole , and diastolic dysfunction = problem with filling , how is it possible for EDV to be normal in diastolic dysfunction ?? From my...