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Aug 3, 2016
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Male, Age 21, 6ft and 189lbs
About a year and a half ago I started having chest pains including heart burn, tightness of chest and trouble breathing. So I went into the family doctor. He thought it was from Acid Reflux so we did an endoscopy to scope my Stomach it came back completely clean. 6 Months past by. I'm just dealing with the pain, so I go back to my family Doctor he says lets look into your lungs sense I do have Asthma he thought putting me on a Steroid Inhaler would help and come back in a few months and nothing has changed. So I was at work today and I was just sitting at my desk not thinking or doing anything. And all the sudden I get some tightness in my chest as usual here and there. But this time it was worse it felt tighter and didn't go away after 15 minutes like usual then I got chest burning with it and shortness of breath. I was starting to get light headed and dizzy. My face started tingling so I went to the doctor at work. He ran a EKG came back fine. So he said if you have been having this problem for over a year and its getting worse you need to go to the ER now to get a Stress Test from a cardiologist. So I got a ride over to the ER all they did was do an XRAY on my chest they found nothing wrong they ran another EKG nothing found, they said they can't find anything wrong. They told me to go get a stress test. but all the cardiologist departments are close tell tomorrow. I'm still having the same pain hard time breathing and tightness. What do I do. Where should I go? What do you think is going on? what test do I need to run.

Family History of Heart disease? Grandmother at age of 55 had it.

I'm over all healthy do weight lifting 4-6 days a week and eat healthy food.


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Jul 15, 2012
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This isn't a forum to ask about your medical problems. Consult a doctor. Go to the ER.


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Mar 9, 2007
SDN is not intended for medical advice. Please consult with your personal physician. Closing thread.
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