1. P

    MD in the Pharmaceutical Industry

    Hi! I will be starting medical school this upcoming summer and was curious about MD's in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Three questions: 1) Is it realistic to practice clinically (even if it's one or two days a week) AND also be involved in drug development research? 2) If so, what steps would...
  2. M

    New to MPH- need help!

    Hi all- I am graduating in May with my undergraduate degree in biology. For over four years I had planned on becoming a Physician Assistant. That was all I had prepared for- I worked in patient care for several years and have a lot of clinical experience. I applied to PA school but have gotten...
  3. B

    biology degree job in Air Force

    I'm currently in Air Force ROTC and will be serving my four year service commitment after I graduate. My question is what kind of job will I be able to get during active duty. I'm majoring in biology and minoring in neuroscience? Will I be working in a lab in a base, or will I be doing admin...
  4. bcmak

    Importance of CEPH accreditation for MS/Ph.D.

    I know CEPH certification is important for MPHs and DrPHs, but what about research degrees? If I wanted to work for the NIH/CDC as a researcher, does accreditation matter as much? Would there be any disadvantages to doing an MS or Ph.D. from a non-accreditated school?