1. Dox4lyfe

    Jack westin for cars?

    Is the jack Westin course actually worth taking. I know it apparently helps a lot, but I wanted to know if it's "worth" it. I haven't started studying for the mcat yet, but I'm pretty sure that cars would be my weakest point. As follow up questions: 1. At what point do I know for sure I should...
  2. B

    CARS is ruining me?

    Hi, I'm extremely frustrated right now, almost to the point of tears. CARS has always been my weakest area. I took the MCAT last year and scored an abysmal 122 on that section. I've been working really hard, and thought I saw great improvement until I took the Next Step exams...I can NEVER...
  3. B

    What MCAT score will I need? Do I need to post pone?

    Hi, Freaking out here...I'm scheduled to take the MCAT September 9th, and I keep getting the same score (in order): AAMC scored: 505, Kaplan Full Length 3: 505, Next Step Full Length 3: 505 (can't remember my unscored exam, I took it a long time ago). My CARS on Kaplan was a 127, but my CARS...
  4. B

    New Plan of Attack for CARS? CARS course isn't working

    Hi, Does anyone have any strategies for CARS that have worked for them? (like how to easily find the main idea, timing, etc). I recently took a CARS course, and this really helped for doing the questions from the AAMC question packs. However, I took the scored practice exam from the AAMC and...