1. P

    Study time for step 3 based on previous step scores

    Just started studying for step 3 and hoping to take it by end of the month since I'm on a relatively easy rotation in my residency program. Based on my past step scores (264 step 1, 275 step 2), how long do I realistically need to study for step 3? My thought was to spend most of my prep time...
  2. cman06

    Step 3 qbank, stats and ccs sale

    Hey all, just finished with step. I have the qbank for sale. The qbank is expiring but can be renewed for much cheaper since it ends 9/29. The stats is until 10/22 and I didn't use either available tests so those are there. It also has a reset in the qbank that's unused. Ccs also available on...
  3. usmle0713

    CCS- aspirating some peanuts

    Hey guys. I was having this discussion with someone. There's a CCS case in which a baby (completely normal before) suddenly develops cough and stridor, and there were peanuts nearby. Baby can't breathe and is brought to the ER. No fever, unremarkable Hx. So, now in emergency, with oxygen, Iv...
  4. P

    Did anyone have a bad CCS experience and still pass?

    Did anyone have a bad CCS experience and still pass? It would help me a lot to know that other people had issues solving multiple cases and maybe ran out of time. Any help would be much appreciated.
  5. P

    Step 3 question - help

    if cases end early but it doesn't say the patient is getting better but say a patient was scheduled for surgery and the program says that and ends the case, is that a good sign? If you run out of time on the case before the patient can improve but you put in the correct treatment regimen before...
  6. C

    Step 3 Passed - Strategy and Resources

    Hey all, I just wanted to thank everyone here for all the advice and resources and shared experiences - they've helped me a ton, and I hope this post (although very long - sorry about that) can help someone else. I passed recently with a score in the 220s. Exam Structure: Based on what I...
  7. D

    USMLE Just had CCS yesterday

    Just finished up step 3 yesterday, MCQs on day 1 were certainly challenging and 5 times longer stem than uworld questions. MCQs on day 2 much more doable in terms of length with moderate difficulty. The most frustrating portion for me was the CCS. I did the uworld cases about 3 times each and...
  8. R

    UWorld Step 3 sellings

    Hi, I initially planned to take Step 3 in Jan, but just took it in Nov. So I still have some time left on my UWorld stuff if you are interested. Step 3 CCS: expires 4/4/2016, so I have 5 months left. Would cost about $169 - selling for $100. Step 3 QBank: expires 1/29/2016, so I have 2...
  9. G

    CCS final 2 minutes orders

    Just took the second part of step 3 today. Thought it was fair enough (including my CCS cases). However, for the first half of the CCS cases, I think I messed up the final orders. For example, I would order a surgery consult and it would say, 'the patient is going to surgery'. Then the screen...