CCS final 2 minutes orders

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Oct 6, 2015
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Just took the second part of step 3 today. Thought it was fair enough (including my CCS cases). However, for the first half of the CCS cases, I think I messed up the final orders. For example, I would order a surgery consult and it would say, 'the patient is going to surgery'. Then the screen would pop up saying there are 2 minutes left' and end early. I know this is a good thing most of the time. But I was unsure about how to clean up the orders when the final orders screen popped up and deleted most of them bc I was thinking about the patient at discharge. Felt like all parts of the cases before that point had gone well, and then I ruined it by deleting a lot of my orders on the final orders screen. :/. Really don't want to take that test again. Step 1 and 2 > 240 if that means anything. Anyone else do this??


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Apr 3, 2012
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Dude if you passed step 1 and 2 with a score of more than 240, you seriously think you are going to fail Step 3? Seriously?

Your chances are slim unless you didnt study at all.