1. X

    CGP/BCGP exam 2017

    I signed up to take the exam in Nov (try to take it before they change the format). I am currently using the ASCP review course but not sure if its very helpful (outdated info/very comprehensive/overwhelming). I was wondering if anyone has any advice? I also come across some study guide...
  2. Paxil_Rose

    BCGP/CCGP 2017

    Has anyone taken the geriatric certification recently? Or found a good resource to use for this test? I keep reading the ASCP is not very helpful.
  3. W

    CGP exam advices?- Also seeking study partner(s)

    Anyone taking or has already taken this exam? If so, how did you prepare it? Also seeking study partner(s) to study together to take the CGP exam this summer.
  4. rxpert

    2016 CGP Bootcamps

    For a $1000 (registration ans hotel), is the two-day, CGP Boot Camp conference worth it? Alternatively, should I simply purchase and review the latest CGP material? I doubt my 2014 ACCP BCPS videos and .pdfs still apply.