1. uhds

    Use Chad's video or Khan Academy for math (quantitative reasoning)?

    Hey guys! Has anyone used Chad's videos for the quantitative reasoning portion of studying for the DAT? What are your thoughts? Is it enough? Is Khan Academy better?
  2. C

    Advice, help, anything!?

    Hi :) So I have about 6 weeks until my test date and this is week 2 of studying (taking advantage of winter break) I cannot prolong it any further as my winter quarter will be packed with upper div bio classes and labs. I finished Chad's G Chem and QR videos but I don't feel like anything has...
  3. L

    Link for Chad's videos?

    So I googled Chad's videos MCAT and a couple different links came up. Can someone give me the link for Chad's most updated mcat videos for chem? Also, are his videos any good for physics?
  4. J

    DAT Breakdown! 22AA

    First off, before I get into the breakdown of my studying, I just want to thank everyone for their helpful posts and keeping this forum thriving and helpful for many! I took the DAT July 27th, I want to help people that were just like me, reading through the detailed breakdowns of others to see...
  5. A

    DAT Review Schedule

    Hi SDN crew, I've been using Chad's videos and the Destroyer series to prepare for my DAT in my 2.5 months plan. In the first month, I have done a complete OChem, GChem, and Bio review and in the latter month, I will be using the Destroyer (+ Math) and Bootcamp to review and practice. After...
  6. Q

    Question about Chad's Video

    Hi I want to begin studying for the DAT and I heard good things about chad's videos. My question is: are the chad videos everyone keeps talking about only the ones listed under DAT on coursesaver.com that cost $50? Are those videos the only ones that chad makes that everyone means when they say...
  7. PrettyOD

    For people who mostly used Chad's videos!

    Hey guys! Question, so I'm writing my OAT this week and was wondering how effective Chad's videos were to those of you who mostly used Chad's videos. If I watched them all, studied my notes often, took his quizzes, and also did problems off of online practice tests and used kaplan quizzes/tests...
  8. A

    DAT Learning Material

    Okay so I recently began studying for the DAT and plan on taking it Feb/March 2016. (haven't signed up yet). The books I have right now are: Cliff's AP Biology (PDF) DAT Destroyer '15 Math Destroyer '15. I have just gone over the biology section of DAT destroyer and have done 100 questions &...
  9. A

    DAT Study Guide/Books/questions on test

    Okay so I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biology as of August 2015. Taking two years off as I already missed the application cycle and have yet to take the DAT. I got most things figured out; attempting to shadow a Dentist soon; even once a week for a full day as I need to work...
  10. knight on horse

    knight on horse