1. F

    DAT Study HELP

    i recently pushed my exam back 3 weeks and am struggling to figure out what to do: I originally went through all of Kaplan and then bought Bootcamp just before the exam. After taking the first five Bootcamp full lengths, my TS was averaging to about a 19-19.5, so I decided to push my exam back...
  2. D

    QR Section

    So the new updated Ari's Study Schedule uses a compilation of Khan Academy's math videos. I've used Chad's before and still have his notes but my understanding of QR didn't really improve so I don't really want to purchase it again. What videos/other resources are you guys using for QR...
  3. O

    How long did it take for Chads Videos?

    Hey guys, I know i keep asking a lot of questions but I was curious how long it took people to get through Chads videos? I feel like its taking me forever to get through all of chem, ochem, and QR. But im hearing people finish all 3 sections in like a week. How long did it take you to watch...
  4. ringofkeys

    Bootcamp change to Khan for QR

    Does anyone know why Bootcamp switched from Chad's to Khan for the QR section? If Chad's was working for so many people, what would the reasoning behind the switch be?
  5. dudeethatsrad

    DAT Breakdown! 25AA 25TS

    Hey! If you're reading this, chances are you're preparing for the DAT! You've got this! I'm writing this a bit late (I took the DAT on July 7, 2016 - lol), but I believe this breakdown will give a bit of insight on how to get a great score. I gave myself a little less than 3 months, and felt...
  6. Fancy312

    your opinions...?

    Do you guys think this would help me brush up on my gen chem? Or waste of time based on what ive been using? http://chadsvideos.com/?course=general-chemistry-for-the-datoat I'm going through destroyer, as well as watching Mike Christensen's gen chem/orgo videos while taking notes on youtube...
  7. Fancy312

    "Chads Videos" turned into "Chemistry Prep"...

    Hi All, I went on chadsvideos.com to see if he happened to upload his old orgo stuff, but unfortunately he hasn't. I noticed that he posted another link on that same website titled "chemistry prep" and that its new and improved. I was wondering if anyone signed up for this new version and if...
  8. F

    1st, 2nd, 3rd ionization energies

    can someone please explain to me how this works? very difficult thanks!