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    Ex-Ibanker now resident AMA

    I worked in finance, made the switch to MD, now PGY-2. Happy to talk about career change, finance, existential crisises, etc.
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    Should I still become a Pharmacist?

    I've been working at a pharmacy as a tech for a couple of months now and I like the actual job... but what I don't like is the customers. Everyone is always rude and will yell at you for just about anything. I keep a positive attitude and laugh about it, but sometimes it really gets to me even...
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    Advice for Second Career

    Hello everyone! I accidentally stumbled across this forum through a google search and I hope that you can give me some good advice. I've decided that I would like to be a therapist, and thought that a PsyD would be an attractive option (more counseling focused, less research focused). I just...