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    Drexel IHS 2018 v. Chatham MSBIO

    Hey guys, New to sdn, just joined. cGPA 2.92 MCAT 506. I don't know if this happened for a lot of folks or not but I got a serious reality check when applying to post-bacc programs. I thought it would be easier. I applied to Loyola's MPMS, BU MAMS, EVMS 2-year, Drexel MS in biomedical...
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    Program-Specific Info / Q's Chatham Interviews

    Hello! I was wondering if anyone has received word on invites to interview for Chatham's MOT program yet. I know the last email that I received from them stated "invites may come anytime between now and late November" for an interview day of December 2nd. I'm just anxious and would preferably...
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    General Admissions & OTCAS Worried Undergrad needing reassurance

    Hey guys! I am a sophomore exercise science major at slippery rock university and I am looking into OT schools. I am looking into applying to Chatham, Pitt, Toledo, and Ohio State when that time comes (I know its still a little far off). Currently my GPA is a 3.7 . Sophomore year tends to be the...