General Admissions & OTCAS Worried Undergrad needing reassurance

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May 28, 2015
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Hey guys! I am a sophomore exercise science major at slippery rock university and I am looking into OT schools. I am looking into applying to Chatham, Pitt, Toledo, and Ohio State when that time comes (I know its still a little far off). Currently my GPA is a 3.7 . Sophomore year tends to be the roughest for exercise science so this semester was rough for me. I got a C in anatomy and physiology (it was a 79% so not fair) and now I am feeling extremely discouraged. I am retaking the course but I am just worried if OT programs look down on that. I also got a C in biomechanics (I know its not a common OT prereq) and I am retaking that class as well.

I am in lots of clubs and organizations and I volunteer often on campus. I also have a gerontology and psychology minor. I am on the e board of the sophomore's honor society and an exercise physiology tutor. I also plan on becoming the exercise physiology lab assistant.

For volunteer hours for OT school, I have 100 hours in in-patient and 100 hours with a hand therapist (considered out-patient)

Sorry this post is soo long !! I am just looking for advice on what else to do and prepare for the future of applying to OT schools. I would also like to know about this retaking classes situation! It is causing me a lot of doubt as of now.


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Dec 23, 2011
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Hi alaina! I would totally retake the classes, but maybe not next semester. Give yourself a few semesters to build up your confidence gpa wise and then tackle anatomy and physiology again. I've talked to some schools that really only look at the last 60 units and other schools that only factor in the second grade if you retake a prereq when determining prereq gpa! I'm hoping that lifts your spirits up some :)

My main advice is for you to figure out what caused you to get those C's and how to make adjustments so that you do better when you retake the courses. You can do this! Some semesters are harder than others and you'll be ok!