chemical and physical foundations

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  3. A

    Chem/Physics Tutor, exam 1/19

    Hey guys, New to the forums and a bit on edge! Quick intro: exam 1/19, using EK and their 10 week study program, currently behind by 2 lectures (sigh. Working full time and was in school until a couple weeks ago). I'm doing well with my biology (scoring a scaled 127 on average for my 30 min...
  4. SiakTiDoc

    Tips for Chem/Phys and Psy/Soc?

    These are my worse subjects and was hoping for advice on how to raise my score. (Test day is January 28) Plans Chem/Phys: I've been reviewing my weaker subjects through content review, but I don't think this is effective and I'm running out of time. I'm planning on just doing the AAMC question...
  5. jowens817

    "There is not enough data to support..."

    Hey guys - I have been struggling with answering questions (mostly Chem/Phys and Biological Sciences sections) that have this answer choice or one similar. Often, I am confident in my answer, but once I see this as an option I find it difficult to not second-guess. Also, I am often confused why...
  6. DrJurassic

    EK FL 2 #10

    :confused: I can't seem to figure out how ~730 Mg/h is 73 mg/h at 15 degrees Celsius. Honestly, I have no idea how to approach this question at all:(. :help:
  7. redraincoat13

    Speed and Efficiency on the C/P Section

    Any advice on how to speed up on the C/P section for those of us who can't finish this section on time? Did anyone also have trouble finishing the C/P section on time consistently but had time leftover on the other sections (10-20 mins)? If so, how did you go about changing habits/problem...
  8. agileduck

    Further Explanation on Question 3 of Chemical and Physical Sciences Section of GS-Free Practice Test

    I was wondering if someone could explain this question in further detail. I understand why it's not answer choice (a) carbamoyltransferase, but I don't understand why it cannot be answer choice (b) argininosuccinate synthase. My thinking is if you have growth of both argininosuccinate and...