Speed and Efficiency on the C/P Section

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Mar 5, 2014
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Any advice on how to speed up on the C/P section for those of us who can't finish this section on time?

Did anyone also have trouble finishing the C/P section on time consistently but had time leftover on the other sections (10-20 mins)? If so, how did you go about changing habits/problem solving strategies that helped you improve your timing on C/P?

Should we skim the passages more? Sometimes I feel like a lot of stuff in the passages are irrelevant (after reading it all the way through), but then I see something I got wrong and realize it was in the passage...

Should we work on mental math techniques? I know a lot of prep materials emphasize mental math, but I always feel like writing numbers down allows me to visualize everything better and prevents mistakes. Did anyone switch over to mental math and improve on their timing significantly?