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  1. T

    MD & DO Developmental Peds (vs Child Psych)

    I’m a MS4 really interested in dev peds but I sometimes wonder if it makes more sense to go into psych instead of peds if I already know now that I want to do more behavioral work. I also fear that because I’m location bound due to having a family, I might not get into dev peds fellowship...
  2. scruffy821

    Thoughts on Northwestern’s CAP Program?

    Anyone here have updated insight into Northwestern’s CAP fellowship program? Impression of strengths or weaknesses? Any recent changes? I noticed that the PD and call structure seems to have changed since people last reviewed this program on SDN, and they seem to be getting competitive...
  3. N

    Child psych "track" question

    Was talking to a friend who is interviewing for psych this year and the topic of child psych fellowship came up. He said that he was interviewing at a program and the residents at the interview dinner said that in order to do the 3 (adult) + 2 (child) fellowship, residents had to enter what the...
  4. N

    Post Bac, Masters or Ph.D? (Clinical Neuropsychology)

    I am going into my last year of undergrad and I need advice on the best route to take after I graduate. The professors I have worked for seem to disagree on how hard it is to get into a Ph.D program that has a masters degree component. My long term goal is to become a clinical neuropsychologist...
  5. D

    Child and adolescent psychiatry fellowship 2017-2018

    Hi everyone Since the eras application cycle has started, was wondering if we can share input on top ranked places and interview status for applicants ! Good luck to everyone applying
  6. G

    CHOP child psych

    Hi guys, could you please share your thoughts on the CHOP CAP program? How well regarded is this program? What is the schedule of rotations? How busy is the program, does it require calls and weekend coverage? Thank you!
  7. R

    Will non-research job hurt chances of getting into PhD program?

    I am graduating from college in May and am taking a year off before applying to PhD programs. I am interested in child psychology, specifically child trauma psych and hope to be a practicing psychologist in the future. I am much more interested in working with clients than doing research, so I...
  8. scruffy821

    Anyone applying or interested in Triple Board programs?

    Cross-posting to the other forums, but did anyone here apply to any of the Triple Board (Peds-Adult Psych-Child Psych) programs? Or are there any current/former triple boarders here? I'm an M3 seriously considering applying next year, I've read the general pros/cons that people have discussed...