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  1. K

    Help choosing a PsyD program

    Does anyone have an opinion on which PsyD program and University reputation is the best? I have to stay in the LA area and these are my options. I’m trying to decide between Azusa Pacific University, Cal Lutheran University, Fuller Seminary, and Loma Linda University
  2. LindaAccepted

    Medical How to Choose a Medical School: Numbers Aren’t Everything

    After completing the first steps in determining which medical schools you should apply to by analyzing your scores, it is essential that you use these scores to guide your decision-making process (and not beat yourself up about the numbers!). Separate yourself as much as you can from those...
  3. SeldingerFan78

    MD & DO IR resident AMA

    Hey SDN universe, I recently started my IR residency at my top choice program. Feel free to ask me anything regarding my choice of IR or the application process. I used some techniques from business world to land interviews at 80% of programs I applied to. IR is a dynamic and interesting field...
  4. LindaAccepted

    Medical Should You Apply to a Safety School?

    Many applicants who are targeting top ranked programs wonder if they should consider adding a lower-ranked school to their list as a “safety school.” Should you? And is there such a thing? What is a safety school? A safety school is one where you are highly competitive, that is strong in your...
  5. danidoodle

    Other OT-Related Information What were the deciding factors for you when choosing a program?

    Especially for schools you weren't able to visit before applying, how did you know the program would be a good fit? Which factors did you weigh more heavily when choosing where to apply and/or where to accept?
  6. I

    "Help me decide" mega thread

    I have to choose! Help! Roosevelt is only 20,000 a year and in Chicago which is a city I know and love. There seemed to be a lot of support for the students, and a cohort size of 20 seems just big enough to be able to choose friends, but still have small classes. DU is like...40 or 50,000...
  7. C

    Other OT-Related Information Please help!!! Attend cheap unaccredited program or expensive accredited program?

    Hi everyone! I was recently accepted to an unaccredited program that will cost $50,000 and an accredited program that will cost $85,000. I am not sure which school to attend :oops: I was hoping you guys could tell me what you would do if you were in my position. I have lots of school loans from...
  8. @Hazel-rah

    Where do you want to go to medical school? And why?

    Where do you really want to go to medical school, and why? I'm curious to hear what are SDN members' favorite schools, and why. What is it about a particular medical school that attracts you or makes you feel like you belong there? ------------------------- I'll start. (And I haven't researched...
  9. A

    Deciding between nursing and medical schools

    When I was younger I really wanted to be a doctor. I loved science and wanted to help the sick any way I could, but in high school I had a few bad science teachers and struggled with depression and decided it wasn't something I could pursue. Now I am 21 and will be graduating with two...
  10. Chasing Never Land

    HELP!!! 4 year MD/MPH or MD @ U.Miami Miller SOM?

    Hi Everyone, I'm posting because I'm in a unique dilemma, and would truly value your advice. I was recently accepted to both the 4yr MD/MPH and regular MD programs at University of Miami's Miller School of Medicine. I know that this is a wonderful problem to have. I'm also scared sh*tless...